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Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask
Pro W. Pure Skin Mask

Pro W. Pure Skin Mask

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Pamper your skin at home.

Clear your pore and prevents further pore-clogging, acne, blackheads, scars, blemishes and marks at the same time with Pro W. Pure Skin Mask.

Pro W. Pure Skin Mask works like a powerful pore cleanser, which extracts deep-down impurities, excess oil and blackheads from your skin. Hence, leave your pore fresh, clean with a healthy and hydrated. It also boosts up the cell renewal & collagen growth and releases toxins to optimize your skin cycle


  • Pore Cleanser: 
    Instantly remove impurities, excess oil and blackheads from pores. Leaves your skin clean and healthy.
  • Clear Skin in 10 mins:
    Simply apply the gel on the face. Leave it for 10 mins. Peel off the mask and feel your soft and clear skin. 
  • Wrinkles & Lines Out: 
    Boost up collagen growth in the skin to improve skin elasticity which helps to removes wrinkles and prevents skin from sagging effectively.
  • Deep Moisturization:
    Keep your skin hydrated for a long time to maintain firmness.
  • Skin Brightening: 
    Gentle exfoliation can promote brighten, smooth skin and even the skin tone.
  • Natural Ingredients: 
    Made of herbal and luxurious ingredients including Panax Ginseng, collagen etc.
  • For All Skin Types & Body Parts: 
    Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin without causing allergy / other side effects.


  • Ingredients: Panax Ginseng, collagen, and other herbal ingredients.
  • Content size: 76g


  • 1x Pro W. Pure Skin Mask

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